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CCE handles the RSF line of heaters because we have used these in our house and shop for 30 years, and we know that these are excellent quality heaters. Growing up on a farm in the 50's and 60's, we used to spend all winter cutting and splitting firewood to heat our 2 story 16x24 ft log house with a tin can airtight heater. You could get the house pretty warm(do you remember the flame jumping out the air intake, or the lid jumping up and down as the roaring fire starved for oxygen), but a lot of heat went up the chimney (first 2 feet of chimney could become cherry red very quickly), and wood had to be added every 3 or 4 hours. If you didn't get up every 3 or 4 hours to add wood, the house got very cold. The wood pile was larger than the house each year, and the bed quilts still froze to the wall, and the household water froze in the pail by morning, and, if you were lucky, the air tight lasted 2 years before burning out. Those were the "good old days", weren't they?.

All RSF units have a fresh air intake with non-electric heat control, which will continue to operate even if the unit is equipped with an electric thermostat, and the electricity is turned OFF. All heaters (Aurora, Ardent, HF-65R, HF-85R) have a cooking surface. RSF units also have "cool to the touch" sides to prevent accidental skin burns. F-75 & F-101 do not have a cooking surface because they are forced air furnaces.

Most RSF heaters and furnaces can be equipped with optional stainless steel water coils ($350+GST for each one) for heating domestic hot water or in-floor hot water heating systems. Simply remove the fire bricks along the bottom sides of the unit, drill out the "knock outs" for the water coil pipes to come out the back of the unit, and connect the pipes to hot water system. It is recommended to install a range boiler, which acts as an expansion and heat storage vessel, near the back of the RSF heater. Instructions for range boiler installation come with each heater.

Other options include blowers ($350+GST), and an electric thermostat($350+GST), which will keep temperature within one degree of your preferred setting. If the power goes out, you can still use the manual air control to keep a nice even temperature in your house.

RSF/Ardent Energy UNIQUE features include the following.

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If you e-mail me johnmys@mail.com, I'll e-mail pictures & brochure to you, if the link below does not work.

HF-65R wood heater ($2495+GST)

holds up to 5 cu ft of wood,with a 7" flue and can heat up to 2000 sq ft for 12-20 hours(24"x38"x34"h: 475 pounds: 20" long blocks: minimum installation clearance 14": 65,000 BTU).

HF-85R wood heater ($2795+GST)

holds up to 9 cu ft of wood, with an 8" flue, and can heat 2500+ sq ft for 12-24 hours(28"x40"x38"h: 570 pounds: 24" long blocks: minimum installation clearance 12": 85,000 BTU). Some customers are getting a 48 hour burn with this heater. One customer is heating a 60x100 ft shop with this as main source of heat. Factory is out of stock on HF-85R, and will not make another run for quite some time because of space restrictions, so if you're planning on buying an HF-85R, DO IT NOW, while we still have stock available. No kidding!

Forced air furnaces F-75($2550+GST)(28"x38"x43"h:

520 pounds: 20" long blocks, 7" flue, holds 5 cu. ft. of wood, 75,000 BTU) , available only by special order, AND

F-101, ($2795+GST)(30"x45"x47"h: 594 pounds:

24" long blocks: 101,000 BTU, holds 9 cu ft of wood, with an 8" flue and can heat 3000+ sq ft for 12-48 hours) furnace (surrounded with an air shield, therefore no cooking surface) can be used as a stand alone forced-air furnace or connected in tandem with a forced-air gas or propane furnace. The fan from the gas furnace circulates the air around the heated surfaces, and the gas furnace will not cut in until the wood furnace runs out of wood. When used as a stand alone forced air furnace, a circulating fan can be mounted in the opening at the bottom of the furnace. You can buy or salvage a used motor and fan from a forced air gas furnace for $50-$100.


RSF wood fireplaces include the Opel, Onyx, Delta, Oracle see-thru, Chameleon and the Topaz. No RSF fireplace inserts manufactured at this time (check out Blaze King insert). Fireplaces come with 30 year warranty. For complete details on RSF fireplaces, please cut & paste to go to this URL http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/RSF-Wood-HeatersFireplaces-cw-photos (Facebook website)or cut and paste this URL http://edmonton.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-home-appliances-RSF-Wood-heater-W0QQAdIdZ160529738

BURN TIME for all units depends on wood type and moisture content, size of space to be heated, and amount of insulation used in the building. All RSF heaters, furnaces and fireplaces have a unique butterfly valve fresh air intake which senses the temperature of the fire, and opens and closes automatically, without electricity, to give a nice even heat output over the entire time the load of wood is burning.

You may wonder about the cost of RSF heaters. While a bit more expensive than some heaters from big box stores, you get what you pay for. RSF heaters are well built to last many years in a residence.

RSF heaters burn the wood very efficiently. In fact, one of our customers in NWT with an HF-65R burns 1/2 the wood his neighbour burns each winter. Both are in identical government houses, but the neighbour has a cheaper stove that is harder to control and loses more heat up the chimney. Our own house is approximately 1800 sq ft and we use only 6 cords of wood in an average winter with our HF-65R. Even if the electricity goes OFF, we still have cozy heat and a cooking surface to prepare meals, and we NEVER HAVE TO GET UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to add wood.

If you're going to invest money in a heater to cut down on heating costs, check out all the REST, then come to RSF and buy the BEST! Then, when the temperature drops to -40, you won't have to choose between buying food or keeping your house cozy and warm. No need to feel guilty about cranking the heat up to a very cozy 25C in the house.

We are going to keep this website as simple as possible to accommodate dial-up users (most of our customers are country folk who do not have access to high speed internet, and it is much faster loading text than pictures) and because html is still new to me. Latest figures show that if a home page takes longer than 4 seconds to load, most internet users will move on to something else!!

I would also like to reassure you that I am not a high pressure salesman, rather I see myself as a facilitator. My primary responsibility is "sharing with you the pros and cons of wood heat, and asking you questions to determine if wood heat is right for your situation". Should you decide the timing or our product is not right for you, NO PROBLEM! If you feel confident that owning an RSF heater, furnace or fireplace will enhance your lifestyle, allow you to take control of your heating costs, and prepare you for the day when disaster could strike, (you could still heat your home if electricity or gas was turned off) then I have some excellent alternative heating units available for you. Once you decide to pick up your RSF unit at our farm shop, make sure you ask about your FREE gift. Every RSF purchaser, and his/her helper, each get to pick out a gift.

SHAW Direct (formerly STAR CHOICE) satellite TV!

Up to 25 HD channels available at no extra charge, including National Geographic HD and PBS HD, which have outstanding programming.

HD 630R for new SHAW Direct customers:

HD 630 PVR complete system costs $250 c/w installation(regular $399)  add $70 + tax for travel, comes with $200 programming credits


HD 600  HD system & remote c/w one dish, installed to 1 TV, costs only $100, add $70 + tax for travel, comes with $100 programming credits


Email your name & phone number to John at johnmys@mail.com and I will call you between 4-8pm, or email if you prefer (or you can call me 4-8 pm, Alberta Time, at 1-780-795-2564). Call or e-mail me today, and you could be watching crystal clear digital satellite TV in a couple of weeks.

NOTE: If you order your Shaw Direct system from CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS, we can usually have it installed (locally, between Nojack & Marlboro) in a few days. If you buy your system from Shaw Direct, or another retailer, Shaw Direct must make the arrangements for an installer to do the installation.